Practice Profile

Equator Architects Ireland is a dynamic practice, whose management and design team have a proven track record of projects covering a wide spectrum of work. We are committed to quality assurance, guided by procedures that have been designed to suit normal & fast track programming. Our experienced team of architect and technical people  are well versed in all aspects of design and this is complemented by extensive construction and project management skills to provide a highly competitive and comprehensive professional service.

Our Approach

  • Creative design is a fundamental part our process that inspires new ideas and evokes new solutions
  • Incorporate our clients’ business objectives into designs to optimize the value of every project
  • Work with our clients to explore various models & options to suit business case
  • Deliver sustainable design through our experience and knowledge

What we Offer

  • A combination of imagination, pragmatism and experience to produce high quality design
  • Commitment to successfully meet the requirements of performance, cost and programme which is essential for today’s projects
  • Ability to work creatively as part of a team with a common goal that produces the best results for our clients
  • Ability to effectively manage the design from conception to beyond completion, combining skills with other members of the building team to offer a personalised service dedicated to achieving our client’s objectives
  • Our vision is to continuously develop our business, our ideas, our knowledge and our people, ultimately building & adding value for our valued clientele.